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EA to support the new iPad with 'Real Racing 2' and 'Mass Effect Infiltrator' updates

The best way to show off your new toy?

Mass Effect Infiltrator
Mass Effect Infiltrator
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Electronic Arts has seen plenty of success on the iOS platform, with bonafide hits like Dead Space, Real Racing and just about anything PopCap has brought to iPad and iPhone. It's no surprise, then, that the company is planning on stepping up support for Apple's next piece of tech: the new iPad.

Speaking with MacWorld, Nick Earl, the SVP of Global Mobile and Social Studios for EA, explained that at least two new updates are in the works to support the device, which launches later this week.

"We're already working on versions of Mass Effect Infiltrator and Real Racing 2 among other games that will take full advantage of the new iPad’s capabilities — expect even more stunning graphics and intense action," he said in an interview.

Exactly which of the new iPad's capabilities will be supported wasn't specified. In addition to the oft-touted Retina Display screen, there's also a new processor which could enhance the visuals of both games. If the updates are in keeping with EA's previous updates to Dead Space and Real Racing 2, (upon the launch of the iPad 2), we should expect to see a pretty significant visual improvement.

PopCap Games, which is owned by EA, has already expressed a commitment to the new device. In an interview with Vox Games, Giordano Bruno Contestabile, the Senior Director of Product and Business Strategy at PopCap, said the following about updating their games to support the new iPad:

"It's work, but it's work that we need to do. I also think that when a new iPad or Apple device comes out, customers expect you to support it natively pretty quickly. They do have a few months of tolerance, but if you don't eventually get there, you're probably not giving a good service to them. We're talking about it now. We want to do it as quickly as possible."

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