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Ubisoft announces ZombiU exclusively for Wii U

ZombiU E3
ZombiU E3

The zombie phenomenon invades Britain in Ubisoft's new Wii U exclusive.

At its E3 2012 press conference, Ubisoft has revealed a new Wii U exclusive game titled ZombiU.

An all-CG trailer for the game didn't give us a good idea of what the actual gameplay will be, but it provided some hints. As you might expect from a zombie game, ZombiU seems to be dark and gory. In one freeze-framed scene, a man surrounded by zombies had just shot himself rather than be consumed.

If the settings and music from the trailer are any indication, ZombiU takes place takes place in Britain, one region that arguably hasn't been overexposed to this style of game.

Ubisoft didn't mention whether they'll be showing ZombiU at E3 this week, but if they are look for further details and impressions from Polygon soon.

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