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'LEGO City: Undercover' coming to Nintendo Wii U

WiiU will get a talkative Lego police game called Lego City: Undercover.

Lego CIty: Undercover
Lego CIty: Undercover
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Lego City Undercover is coming to WiiU.

LEGO City: Undercover is coming to Wii U with a number of special control features only possible on the Wii U's controller. The news came during today's Nintendo E3 press conference.

In the demo, we saw no-nonsense policeman Chase McCain solve crimes using the Wii U controller: a dispatcher appeared on the screen giving a mission; the player scanned the television screen with the controller as a sort of X-Ray device; McCain hopped around a city, flying helicopters, falling down giant pits and dismantling everything in sight.

In place of the silent film style of previous LEGO games was goofy dialogue, including a reference to a ten-year-old movie. At the end of the demo, however we did get a good visual gag, seeing McCain build a Mario green pipe.

An exclusive Nintendo 3DS version of LEGO City: Undercover is also in the works. No release dates were announced.

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