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'Final Fantasy III' coming to Ouya in March 2013

The final fantasy continues on Ouya

final fantasy 3
final fantasy 3

Final Fantasy III is coming to Ouya, Square Enix announces.

Final Fantasy III will come to the planned Ouya console, Square Enix Japan announced today.

According to the publisher, the classic Final Fantasy title will release simultaneously with the launch of the console, expected March 2013. Square Enix will also provide additional content for the console in the future.

Final Fantasy III will be fully optimized for the Ouya and will feature a free demo. The game was first released to Japan in 1990 and expanded to North America in 2006 with the release of a Nintendo DS remake.

Earlier in the month the console developer announced the first game for the crowd-funded Ouya will be developed by ex-Infinity Ward lead Robert Bowling's Robotoki development studio.

Ouya is a $99, Android-powered, hackable games console which recently made waves on Kickstarter by accumulating nearly $6 million on the crowd-funding platform.