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'World of Tanks' developer will produce a 'conveyer belt' of hit titles following BigWorld acquisition

Thanks, BigWorld

world of tanks generals
world of tanks generals will produce non-stop hits after BigWorld acquisition

World of Tanks developer will prove it is not just a one-hit-wonder after the release of its upcoming massively multiplayer combat title World of Warplanes, Victor Kislyi told Polygon today.

The company, that made its mark with the highly successful freemium title World of Tanks, will show both critics and users that they can create a "conveyer belt" method of turning out regular successes following the acquisition of middleware firm BigWorld.

"As a company we'll automatically prove we are not one hit company," he said. "We're a company that can make a hit game every year, chain production, conveyer belt. It's very important for us, and World of Battleships will polish the concept."

According to Kislyi, the company was "desperate" to acquire BigWorld in order to escape the "bottleneck" that was created thanks to over 30 studios using the middleware firm simultaneously.

"We were desperate for it because it is the technology that lies beneath World of Tanks, allegedly a hugely successful game, which still needs to be developed intensely for the next five, seven years. Plus two new games also using big worlds. And we were just clients sending tickets to them in Australia. That did not work. We were one of thirty or forty companies that they serve, and there was a bottleneck. So we need to integrate engineering teams, and full control of your own technology is a good thing."

Alongside the continued development of World of Tanks, is creating World of Warplanes, and World of Warships, previous known as World of Battleships. The next major update for World of Tanks is due out this September.

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