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GameStick will support Green Throttle Gaming controller, adding 'full analog' option for Kickstarter project

Today PlayJam, the company behind Kickstarter project GameStick, and Green Throttle Gaming, makers of a Bluetooth controller and platform for use with Android devices, announced that GameStick will support Green Throttle's controller, "providing an additional option for playing fast-paced Android games using the portable GameStick."

This means people who purchase the $79 GameStick, which has already raised over $300K on Kickstarter, will have the option of using Green Throttle's "full-analog" controller which, ostensibly, should deliver a better gaming experience than GameStick's svelte, portable pad. While the Green Throttle product is designed to work directly with your existing Android tablet or mobile phone, and connect to your television over HDMI, the GameStick is an entirely self-contained device approximate in size to a USB thumb drive. The two companies are cooperating in an effort to help spur consumer adoption of Android-powered "console" gaming.

"2013 promises to be truly exciting and defining with a wide range of Android-powered devices targeted at the TV due to launch in the coming months such as Ouya, Nvidia's Shield and of course GameStick," said PlayJam. CEO Jasper Smith in a press release. "By working openly and in collaboration with other visionaries in this space such as Charles Huang of Green Throttle Games, we hope to support mass-market user adoption at the most affordable price point possible." Notably, Huang was one of the co-creators of Guitar Hero, providing some valuable AAA gaming cred to the initiative.

A Green Throttle representative tells Polygon that the inverse scenario — an ability to use a GameStick controller with Green Throttle games — is in the roadmap but the two companies are "still working out a few of the technical aspects."

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