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GameStick pulled from Kickstarter citing 'intellectual property dispute' (update: back online now)

Update: The intellectual property dispute which pulled the GameStick page off of Kickstarter — which PlayJam attributed to the use of game footage in its demo reel which was not approved by the developer — has apparently been settled, as the page is back online now. The original story is posted below.

GameStick, the "Most Portable TV Games Console Ever," has had its Kickstarter page pulled off of the popular crowdfunding site due to an "intellectual property dispute."

Polygon has reached out both to PlayJam, the creator of the Android-based miniature gaming console, as well as representatives from Kickstarter to find out the nature of the intellectual property dispute.

The removal of the page came shortly after the console passed $300,000 in donations — way beyond its initial ask of $100,000. According to the Kickstarter statistics-measuring site Kicktraq, the project was well on its way to passing up the $1 million mark before the end of its 30-day run. This morning, PlayJam announced that Green Throttle Gaming's proprietary Android-based, dual-stick controller would be compatible with the GameStick hardware.

Update: As commenter beaurosser pointed out, the Facebook page for the GameStick has been updated to explain the situation.

"This IP issue has NOTHING to do with our design or product," the update reads. "It's a small snag in one of our promo videos demonstrating a game that was exposed without clearance. An oversight and one that we're editing in the video now. We'll get back up and running hopefully as soon as possible. Thanks, everyone, for your support and understanding!"

Update 2: Tomas, a Polygon reader, sent in a message distributed by Kickstarter following the page's removal. Thanks, Tomas!

Hi there,

This is a message from Kickstarter Support. We're writing to inform you that a project you backed, GameStick: The Most Portable TV Games Console Ever Created, is the subject of an intellectual property dispute.

The law requires that we remove the project from public view until the process is complete or the dispute is resolved. If we are not able to re-post it within 30 days, we will cancel the project, all pledge authorizations will expire, and the project will be permanently unavailable.

If you'd like to manage your pledge, you can do so through the project page:

If you have any questions, we encourage you to message the creator directly. You can also do this from the project page.

Thanks so much for your patience and cooperation,

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