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Sega's The Conduit may be making the leap from Wii to Android

Sega and High Voltage Software's first-person shooter The Conduit appears to be on its way to Android devices. The game, originally released on the Wii in 2009, made an unexpected appearance in Nvidia's TegraZone store at CES.

TegraZone is Nvidia's curated Android store, focusing on titles that are optimized for the Tegra processor. While browsing TegraZone during a demo of Nvidia's new Project Shield gaming device, a "TBA" listing for The Conduit appeared in a short list of games. We attempted to download and install The Conduit ourselves, which resulted in the Shield locking up — a technical hiccup not uncommon in pre-release hardware.

Nvidia reps say The Conduit is one of the games currently in development to be compatible with Project Shield, but did not have specifics on the title other than naming the Android port's developer as High Voltage Software.

In September of last year, a High Voltage Software staffer posted on the GameFAQs forums, "We haven't forgotten about Conduit over here," saying that fans should "expect some Conduit-related news before the year is out."

We reached out to Sega and High Voltage for confirmation on the Android version of The Conduit, but neither company has responded.

Sega has released a handful of games for Android devices, including Jet Set Radio, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Football Manager and Chu Chu Rocket.

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