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Fallout: New Vegas mod is a fan-made prequel setting up the game's events

An in-development mod set to release episodically over the coming months, Fallout: Project Brazil, aims to tell the tale of New Vegas' growing population and to serve as a fan-made prequel to the events of Fallout: New Vegas.

Modder Brandan Lee under the username "Thaiauxn" and his team crafted Project Brazil as a total conversion of New Vegas, adding a new storyline set in 2260 and a new playable protagonist as well as an entirely new environment, the hidden complex of Vault 18.

Players will scour the ruins of Los Angeles for another secret complex hidden away in the rubble. Along the journey players will encounter members of the game's three factions the Survivalists, the New California Republic and super mutants locked in heated battle, which Lee notes will set up the politics events surrounding New Vegas.

Project Brazil's full campaign will span 16 primary quests and "several side stories." Lee is currently searching for additional writers, animators and scripters to assist in development.

The mod will be available sometime in the upcoming months, according to a post on its ModDB page, as Lee's company Radian-Helix Media is currently creating animations for a motion picture in Hollywood.

Check out the mod's opening cinematic above for a look at Project Brazil in action.

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