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Dance Dance Revolution for schools supports 48 players, aimed at reducing childhood obesity

While video games may not have a large presence at CES 2013, Konami and UnitedHealthcare Group brought one game to the show in a big way. The Classroom Edition of venerable rhythm game Dance Dance Revolution was on display, showcasing the program designed to reduce childhood obesity through physical education curriculum in schools.

What differentiates Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition from its home and arcade counterparts is its 48-player support and stat-tracking. Wireless dance pads designed by Performance Design Products can track a dancer's progress, including steps, body mass index and caloric burn rate through plug-in smart cards.

Konami has launched the game at three schools located in Florida, Georgia and Texas.

At CES, we got a chance to do a little dancing ourselves after catching up with the folks at UnitedHealthcare to learn more about the program.

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