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The transformation of Far Cry 3’s villain, Vaas

Far Cry 3's infamously insane antagonist, Vaas, underwent significant redesigns in personality and look, IGN reports.

Before the audition of actor Michael Mando, who would eventually supply both his voice and likeness to the character, the game's villain was a 300-pound, six-foot man named Bull. Bald and beefy, Bull sported multiple tattoos and a septum ring.

After Mando's audition, Ubisoft Montreal began retooling the game's villain. Bull gave way to Pyro, a rage-filled burn victim clad heavily in red. Like Mando and the soon-to-be Vaas, Pyro was of a slighter build. After Mando was officially cast in an antagonist role, however, the character changed again.

"We knew what we wanted Vaas to be," executive producer Dan Hay said. "We knew that we wanted it to be emotive. We knew that we wanted this character to be physical and to be ... charming? Hard to look at. Almost like the sun. It's impressive, but you can't stare at it."

Michael Mando was revealed as the inspiration for Vaas in March. You can view the character's original designs at IGN.

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