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Dead Space 3 developers assemble the Dev Team Edition

The developers of Dead Space 3 at Visceral Games and the Treehouse Brand Stores are set to release a special edition of the game full of exclusive behind-the-scenes collectibles, according to a press release from Treehouse.

Pictured above, the Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition includes:

  • Dead Space 3 Limited Edition, which was announced last October and includes the First Contact and Witness the Truth armor.
  • Tin Collector's Case: A case measuring nearly 14 inches by 9 inches covered with mysteries and trivia from the Dead Space franchise, with art based on designs from Dead Space 3's creative director, Ben Wanat, and user interface designer Dino Ignacio.
  • Serrano's Journal: Created by story producer Chuck Beaver, it contains the game's Dr. Earl Serrano's journal with clues and haunting artwork of his findings on Tau Volantis, the frozen planet where Dead Space 3 takes place.
  • Art Book. A 96-page hardbound book containing material from the Dead Space art department, headed by art director Alex Muscat.
  • Flip Book Data Pad. A 10 inch by 7 inch book with a metal cover that contains nine image sets designed by interface designer Dino Ignacio to be a functional prop version of the Dead Space UI.
  • Marker Statue. An eight inch hand-sculpted statue coated in metallic paints to replicate the maddening glyphs of the Black Marker.
  • Med-Pack. A 14 oz. water bottle modeled after the in-game med-pack.
  • Poster Pack. Three 5 inch by 10 inch single-sided posters replicating the nostalgic posters found throughout Dead Space 3 that depict an older age of space travel.
  • Postcard Set. A set of six 3.75 inch by 6 inch postcards, double-sided with art on the front and Dead Space-branded postcard information on the back.

The Dev Team Edition is available for pre-order now in advance of the game's Feb. 5 launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC in two editions. The $160 version includes the Limited Edition of the game, while the $100 version does not.

Treehouse Brand Stores previously created merchandise in partnership with BioWare for Mass Effect, Gearbox for Borderlands and Spicy Horse for Alice: Madness Returns.

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