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The Secret World activity rose more than 400 percent after going buy-to-play

Game activity in Funcom's survival-horror massively multiplayer online game, The Secret World, rocketed to more than 400 percent following the dismissal of a subscription, Funcom announced.

Following the re-launch of The Secret World, Funcom said "original players have returned joined by thousands of new players." The Secret World reportedly sold more than 70,000 copies over the course of the last month, which Funcom claims is "close to [a] 30 percent increase in sales."

The Secret World dropped its $14.99 subscription and went buy-to-play on Dec. 12. At the time of the pay change, game director Joel Bylos said "most players end up having a ton of fun once they delve into the myths and legends of The Secret World, and we believe the game has the potential to be even more successful without the subscription entry barrier."

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