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Tenshi Ventures receives 50 percent stake in Indie Royale bundle

Tenshi Ventures, an investment and advisory company based in the U.K., will now share ownership of the Indie Royal game bundle with co-owner Desura, after receiving a 50 percent stake in Indie Royale from and UBM Tech Game Network.

The independent games bundle first reared its head in October 2011. Indie Royale offers a new collection of independent games roughly every two weeks at a heavily discounted price on PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Proceeds help to support upcoming independent developers. So far over 500,000 bundles have sold, with over 2.5 million games made a part of over 25 bundle deals.

Tenshi Ventures, which is headed by veteran developers Ian Baverstock and Jonathan Newth, will use its contacts and the existing roster of Indie Royale creators to help both grow and diversify what is made available in the bundles.

"We're currently seeing a golden age of indie development," said Baverstock, who is chairman of U.K. developer association Tiga in addition to Tenshi Ventures. "We've been developing games for over 20 years and are passionate about helping indie developers reach a bigger audience and get better recognition & reward for their games. Getting involved with Indie Royale is a great way to do that."

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