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Crusader Kings 2 celebrates capitalism with launch of The Republic DLC today

The next DLC installment for complex strategy game Crusader Kings 2, called The Republic, launches today at 3 p.m. CET, developer Paradox Interactive announced.

The Republic will focus on the medieval mercantile republics of the game, allowing users to play as the head of a Patrician family in one of the great merchant republics. Players can lobby to become Doge, invest money in campaign coffers to make up for their family's lack of prestige and attempt to control the seas as they expand their trading empire.

The game is available today for $9.99 from all major digital download portals. The Crusader Kings sequel was first released to PC in early 2012, with a version for Mac brought out in May. The strategy title is set during the high to late middle ages and allows players to control an entire medieval dynasty from heir to heir.

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