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CES 2013 pulls in more than 150K attendees, 1.92M square feet of exhibits

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, the annual Las Vegas-based tech showcase, was "the largest in the show's 45+ year history," according to a press release from the event's organizers, the Consumer Electronics Association.

That superlative isn't in reference to the number of attendees the show brought in — the "over 150,000" folks who came to see consumer electronics' next big things didn't break last year's record-breaking 153,000 attendees. However, the actual size of the convention reached an all-time high; CES 2013 had over 1.92 million square feet of exhibit space, trumping last year's total of 1.86 million square feet.

Though most of gaming's biggest players either skipped this year's event or didn't feature their gaming products, it was a big year for new video game platforms. Check out our Storystream to see our impressions of new Android consoles, Steam Box prototypes, bizarre motion controller/sex swing hybrids and more.

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