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Unwritten: That Which Happened is a randomly generated, strategy-based adventure

Unwritten: That Which Happened, a turn-based strategy game from Roxlou Games, is currently seeking $75,000 on Kickstarter.

The project is led by Roxlou Games founder Joe Houston, a developer best known for his recent work on Dishonored, artist Lee VanWallene and musician Julian Culme-Seymour. In Unwritten: That Which Happened, players control a nomadic people as they travel the tundras in the pursuit of God Mountain, "a place of final judgement and potential glory." Gameplay is turn-based strategy and forces players to make critical decisions that will affect their fate.

According to the game's developers, Unwritten includes randomly generated maps, units, abilities and enemies, meaning players will never have the same experience twice. Players will also be able to modify every aspect of the game with the same tools developers used.

Unwritten: That Which Happened has currently raised just over $4,512 with 73 backers. Backers can pledge $5 and up to receive benefits, beginning with a free download of the game's first song and extending to digital downloads, early beta access and more.

The Kickstarter has 29 days left and ends on Wednesday, Feb. 13. If funded, the Unwritten: That Which Happened will release for PC in August 2013, with a possibility for other platforms to follow.

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