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Far Cry and Splinter Cell 'Ultimate' compilations listed on UK retailer GAME's website

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Listings for an "Ultimate Far Cry Compilation" and "Ultimate Splinter Cell" have popped up on U.K. retailer GAME's online store, CVG and VG247 pointed out today.

The "Ultimate Far Cry Compilation" is dated for sometime in 2013 and is listed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for £39.99 and Windows PC for £29.99. "Ultimate Splinter Cell" is listed for PC only for £29.99.

It's possible the Far Cry bundle will contain the trilogy, while the pricing for "Ultimate Splinter Cell" suggests it may contain the series' current-generation games, 2006's Double Agent and 2010's Conviction. A previous Splinter Cell bundle released in August 2011 for PS3, Splinter Cell Trilogy HD, includes the first three games: the original 2002 Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow from 2004 and 2005's Chaos Theory.

Searches for the compilations on the PEGI and ESRB ratings website turned up no results.

Polygon has reached out to Ubisoft for details on these possible compilations and will update this story with more information as we have it.