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MLB 13 The Show's Home Run Derby mode playable across PS3, PS Vita

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MLB 13 The Show players will be able to play the game's Home Run Derby mode online across PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, developer Sony San Diego announced today.

Up to eight players can participate in one online match of Home Run Derby, whether they're playing on the console or handheld. They won't have to take turns hitting; all players will bat simultaneously, with each being able to see their opponents' attempts as colored arcs running from home plate to the ball's landing spot — whether that's inside or outside the park. They'll also be able to keep track of their competitors' progress thanks to a real-time in-game scoreboard for the Derby round.

Sony San Diego first took the Home Run Derby mode online last year, in MLB 12 The Show. In addition to making it available across platforms, the studio is attempting to make hitting (and hitting home runs) easier in MLB 13 with its brand-new Beginner Mode.

MLB 13 The Show is set for release on PS3 and PS Vita on March 5.