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Amazon Instant Video app available on Wii today

Amazon Instant Video is available in the U.S. today on the Nintendo Wii, according to a tweet from Nintendo of America.

Amazon's streaming video service offers over 140,000 movies and TV episodes for purchase or rental through the new app. About 30,000 of the videos are available for free streaming to Amazon Prime customers. The app also includes a feature that Amazon calls Your Watchlist, a video version of the website's Wish List designed to track and save videos to watch later. U.S. customers can download the Amazon Instant Video app from the Wii Shop Channel and activate it through Amazon's website.

Amazon and Nintendo released a similar app for Wii U shortly after the console's launch last November. That app takes advantage of the tablet-like GamePad controller to search and browse the available content. Amazon's service is also available on many other devices including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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