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Square Enix teases possible Final Fantasy 6 remake or port

A Final Fantasy 6 remake on the way?

Square Enix launched a site recently that teases the possibility of a Final Fantasy 6 remake or port.

The website contains no details or description of the project and only displays what appears to be a date (1.17) and silhouettes of behemoths from Final Fantasy 6.

The website's URL also contains the letters "ff_atb". ATB could potentially refer to "All The Bravest", which is the name of a domain Square Enix trademarked in 2012. ATB also stands for Active Time Battle in Final Fantasy terms and was a battle system that debuted in Final Fantasy 4 and was used in some form in subsequent Final Fantasy games.

Judging by the teaser website, more information is expected to be available Jan. 17.