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Latest Crusader Kings 2 patch fixes a number of bugs and makes some colorful tweaks

The latest patch for Paradox Interactive's grand strategy game Crusader Kings 2 makes a number of bug fixes and some rather colorful tweaks to a number of the title's elements, according to the patch notes released on Steam.

The patch adds a new diplomatic interaction, "Grant Independence," as well as the ability to change names on titles depending on the holders' culture. The length of a liege lord's reign has also been modified to be dependent on how long a character has been a lord rather than how long he or she has held a specific title.

Save file transfers also now work on Mac, and all players have access to eight more mercenary groups: the Abyssinians, Alans, Finns, Irish, Lapps, Lithuanians, Nubians and Scots. There are also new Ultimogeniture and Gaelic Tanistry succession laws in place regarding land and title inheritance.

A number of more colorful tweaks have also been made to certain characters and other game elements. For example, out-of-wedlock births have now been made more common, and married women will now attempt to fool their husbands regarding the parentage of these children. Calling a character to war will now make he or she dislike you the same amount you begin to like them for answering, and modders have been given a whole new list of events and triggers to tinker with.

Crusader Kings 2 has received steady updates, as well as four major expansions and a handful of additional downloadable content, since its release in February 2012. The latest expansion, The Republic, launched yesterday and focuses on development in the game's mercantile republics.

A full list of patch notes can be found on Steam.

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