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Guild Wars 2 has sold 3 million copies since launch, will tweak rewards system for 2013

ArenaNet has sold more than three million copies of MMORPG Guild Wars 2 since the game launched in August last year, according to a press statement from game director Colin Johanson.

For 2013, ArenaNet will expand and balance Guild Wars 2's achievement system. Players will be able to earn rewards, like higher-level gear, when they complete achievements and progress down "achievement paths." Daily achievements will be implemented with the goal to drive players to certain areas of the world. ArenaNet also plans to add a sub-system later that will allow players to complete a smaller subgroup of achievements in order to fulfill a daily one. Cosmetic awards like skins and medals will be offered as prizes for completing certain events.

"Our reward systems need to be exciting, and include things you want to earn over time, but we don't want to force our players on endless gear treadmills for new tiers of gear we add every 6 months," Johansen said. "You won't see another tier between ascended and legendary in 2013 for example."

ArenaNet also plans to add more content that will encourage players to form guilds and go on missions as a group. The World-versus-World experience will also continue to be refined, a "major goal" for the team in the coming year. ArenaNet will add server transfer fees, guesting abilities and time limitations, as well as restrictions that will allow players to visit all areas accept the WvW area. WvW will also receive its own advancement and prestige systems.

"We've been working on two of these projects for a while now, and both have proven far more complicated to solve than we'd hoped, but we're getting really close and have made tremendous progress," Johansen said.

Player-versus-player will also be overhauled to ensure players to similar skill are matched together. There will also be a new competitive PvP elements, including major tournaments coming later down the line.

ArenaNet also plans to host worldwide leaderbaords on its website, improve security against hackers and bots and make the game more friendly for new and inexperienced Guild Wars 2 players.

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