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Valve greenlights 10 indie games, including Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Ten indie games are headed to Steam via Project Greenlight, among them American McGee's recently-Kickstartered Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, according to a press release from Valve released today.

The fourth round of games from Project Greenlight includes:

The games above, which are in "varying stages of completion," will be released "independently in the months ahead," according to the press release. Joining them will be two non-game software titles: articy:draft, a game design tool and GroBoto, a modeling app.

Announced last July, Steam Greenlight allows users to vote on games they'd like to see on Valve's digital distribution service. The initative went live in August with nearly 300 games ready for voting. Valve announced the non-gaming software component in October, alongside a change that allowed games currently in development and even game concepts to be submitted for consideration. Previous games given the Greenlight treatment include the unofficial Half-Life remake Black Mesa and McPixel.

Another Valve project, a series of "Steam Box" prototypes designed to connect with televisions using Steam's controller-friendly Big Picture Mode, was in the news last week at CES. In the trade show's first days, Xi3 announced a partnership with Valve to create its version of a modular "Steam Box" codenamed "Piston." Valve head Gabe Newell later confirmed that the company is also developing its own hardware.