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Star Wars: The Old Republic heralds the Return of the Gree and a new reputation system

The latest update for Star Wars: The Old Republic will introduce a new reputation system, as well as add a recurring event that will bring players to the planet Ilum to aid the tentacled Gree race, developer BioWare announced on the game's official website.

Players can now track prestige progression through a new galactic reputation system, earning points towards a higher rank by completing missions for allies or specific military divisions within their chosen faction. Players can advance through six ranks as their reputation increases: "Outsider," "Newcomer," "Friend," "Hero," "Champion" and finally "Legend."

The new recurring event "Relics of the Gree" will be available to both subscribers and free-to-play members at level 50 and above for no additional fee. Players can choose to team up with others or work alone in assisting the Gree race gather information on the ice planet Ilum.

Players will help the Gree search the planet for more details on the Gray Scant, an ancient starship whose purpose is unknown. The event will grant players access to high-powered Gree-made weapons and armor on the way down, as well as pit them against a new boss encounter.

BioWare has promised to share more information in the near future on joining this event, which will reoccur throughout the year. The latest update, 1.7, is scheduled to go live "soon."

The Old Republic's previous update, which launched in December, added player-versus-player Warzones and space flight missions.

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