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Age of Wushu '8 Schools' trailer includes a place for every alignment

A new trailer for Age of Wushu, Snail Games' upcoming massively multiplayer online game, shows off the eight schools players will be able to join.

Age of Wushu's schools will cater to a variety of interests and all alignments. For those taking the righteous path, players might want to check out the Emei, who specialize in group healing, or the Wudang, known for their continuous group attack skill. The Shaolin, with the ability to group stun, or the Beggars, who can perform group damage, provide other options.

Players seeking neutral alignment should consider the school of Scholars or the Tangmen. While the Scholars attack with music, Tangmen are apt with poisons and hidden weapons.

Evil players will want to join the Royal Guards, who known for their crafty and cunning skills, or the sinister and ruthless school of Wanderer's Valley.

You can read more about the different schools on the official website, or learn about the game itself by reading our interview with Tyler Rawlins, the game's content generation lead.

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