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Temple Run 2 discovered, coming to iOS tomorrow

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Temple Run 2, the sequel to the best-selling endless runner, will launch on iOS tomorrow, Jan. 17, according to a listing for the game on the New Zealand iTunes App Store spotted by Touch Arcade.

Developed by Imangi Studios, Temple Run 2 is a free-to-play game like its predecessor, although instead of a jungle swamp, this one is set in a temple floating high up in the mountains. You might say it's more Inca than Aztec.

New gameplay elements shown off in screenshots include zip lines and mine carts. Perhaps more importantly, the App Store description highlights a "bigger monkey!!!" as the impetus for the characters to go on this particular temple run.

Imangi launched the original Temple Run in 2011 on iOS and ported it to Android in 2012; there's no indication yet of an Android version for Temple Run 2. For more details, check back tomorrow, when we'll have an interview with Imangi co-founder Keith Shepard.