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EscapeVektor launching on PS Vita next Tuesday

EscapeVektor, a fast-paced puzzle game from Australian developer Nnooo, will launch on the PS Vita PlayStation Store next tuesday, the studio announced on PlayStation Blog.

The title (which is also already available for 3DS and WiiWare) casts the player as Vektor, a sharp angle stuck within a CPU, who must solve a series of mazes in order to escape. To do so, Vektor will have to trace the perimeter of "nodes" within the computer, all the while dodging sentries with well-timed boosts of speed and obstacles built into the environment. Check out the trailer above to see Vektor in action.

The game will cost $9.99 when it launches Jan. 22, and will be discounted 20 percent for PlayStation Plus subscribers until Feb. 5.

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