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Xseed Games bringing Pandora's Tower to North America

Pandora's Tower will undergo North American localization exclusively for Wii at the hands of Xseed Games, the company announced today.

Pandora's Tower is a role-playing game inspired by various damsel-in-distress fairytales, but with a dark twist. To free a young woman named Elena from an awful curse, protagonist Aeron must kill, collect and feed her the flesh of monsters. Elena's curse will worsen the longer it takes Aeron to defeat his enemies, ultimately affecting the game's end.

The game was originally developed in Japan by Ganbarion and released in 2011, followed by a European release in 2012. Along with Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, Pandora's Tower is the final game in one of Operation Rainfall's many campaigns. Operation Rainfall is a fan-driven group that promotes game localization.

Pandora's Tower is expected to launch in the spring. More details will become available as the game nears release.

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