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Indie Royale Snow Storm Bundle packs together six games and four soundtracks

The Indie Royale Snow Storm Bundle is now live, packing together six games for Windows PC and a handful of their soundtracks for sale over the next week.

Buyers can grab six games: Wadjet Eye Games' adventure title Resonance, Tilted Mill Entertainment's high-fantasy role-playing and city-building game Hinterland, third-person puzzler Roboblitz from Naked Sky Entertainment, Beatshapers' brick-breaker StarDrone, arcade-style RTS Project Aftermath from Games Faction and Retromite's puzzle platformer RobotRiot. Buyers will also receive digital copies of the original soundtracks for Hinterland, RoboBlitz, RobotRiot and StarDrone.

Hinterland, Project Aftermath, Resonance and RoboBliz can be played through Steam. Hinterland, Project Aftermath, Resonance, StarDrone and RobotRiot are also available to play through Desura.

At the time of posting, the minimum price paid is sitting just around $5.50, a little over a third of the combined games' suggested price of $15. The more bundles are sold, the higher the minimum price will climb.

Buyers who contribute $8 or more will also receive an 8-track chiptunes album from indie studio Pixeljam Games, Planeteri.

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