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The Behemoth will hold BattleBlock Theater closed beta

A closed beta for BattleBlock Theater, an upcoming multiplayer platformer from the creators of Castle Crashers, will take place between February and March, The Behemoth announced.

The beta will draft 10,000 registrants to participate. Candidates must have an active Xbox Live Gold account, as well as an Internet connection and registered account on The Behemoth forums. Additionally, all beta testers must be 13 or older; applicants under the age of 18 will need parental consent.

Gameplay footage was first revealed in 2009. In BattleBlock Theater, players have been shipwrecked on a strange island and betrayed by their best friend, Hatty Hattington. Polygon reported previously that the game will feature more than 200 levels and 200 different characters.

Applications for the BattleBlock Theater beta can be filled out on The Behemoth's website. Registration will continue until all beta codes are distributed.

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