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Steam user creates guide for streamlining multiplayer connections in Dark Souls

Steam user jonaswashe created a guide to help his fellow Dark Souls players improve the reliability of FromSoftware's in-game summoning mechanic and battle the hollow in multiplayer, according to a post published on Steam Users' Forums.

According to the guide, the basic problem centers around network settings. It includes tips for firewall settings and ensuring that your PC is set up correctly with OpenNAT and UPnP. He suggests installing a program called Comodo Firewall Free, which allows a more granular view of your connections than Windows' built-in software. By using his methods and avoiding the temptation to spam summoning signs, the author writes that he can "reliably summon a friend in around 5-10 minutes on average."

This guide is the latest in a series of player-created tweaks for the Windows PC version of Dark Souls. Shortly after the game's release, Peter Thoman explained to Polygon how his mod circumvented the retail release's resolution restrictions. In September, a modder tweaked the game to allow it to run at 60 frames-per-second.

Jonaswashe's guide seems like a perfect fit for the upcoming Steam Users Guide. Announced in December and available through the Steam Community Beta, it allows Steam users to create and share guides with other players.