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New Skyrim mod enhances terrain and distant textures

Skyrim mod adds more texture

Skyrim modder Hritik Vaishnav has created a high definition enhanced terrain mod that increases the detail of faraway textures which, in the mod-free version of Skyrim, can often look blurry at extreme distances.

The mod creates a more detailed grass-like effect on the terrain and adds a more rugged look to the game's vistas. Vaishnav says that the increase in texture does not have a noticeable impact on the game's performance or frame-rate, and two versions are available for download: a high-detail, high-noise variation and a slightly less-detailed version that blends seamlessly into the existing textures.

Vaishnav also has two other Skyrim mods: one for dynamic snow and one for real snow. The dynamic snow mod enhances the snow terrain in Skyrim, creating a visible difference in the landscape's contours and shadows. The real snow mod makes the in-game snow look more realistic, whiter and more seamless.

The HD Enhanced Terrain mod is now available for download.

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