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Nargacuga returns to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Nargacuga is back

Capcom continues to profile the weapons and monsters of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in the lead up to the game's Wii U and 3DS release in March.

Having previously put the game's Sword and Shield weapon combo in the spotlight, the publisher today focused on a returning monster being introduced to the game: Nargacuga.

A Flying Wyvern, Nargacuga was the main monster in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP. It missed Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii and now returns in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in two variants: one is the Green Nargacuga and the other is yet to be announced.

In a blog post on Capcom Unity, Nargacuga's features are detailed and it is described as being a speedy and dangerous monster that will take more than a few swipes to defeat. But once defeated, its body parts can be used for crafting armor.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will release in March on Wii U and 3DS.

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