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Guild Wars 2 will allow players to visit other worlds with guesting beginning Jan. 28

Guild Wars 2 will add a new guesting feature on Jan. 28 that will allow players visit worlds other than their own home world without a full character transfer, according to a post from community manager Martin Kerstein on the game's official website.

Because ArenaNet is not moving player character data between servers, guesting is only available in the same real-world region as players' home world. Guesting players also cannot participate in World-versus-World events in the world they are visiting, and any attempt to do so will result in players being sent back to their home world. Players wishing to participate in World-versus-World in a non-home world must perform a full world transfer.

Kerstein advises players to select their intended home world before guesting goes live on Jan. 28 due to current transfer restrictions.

Players can guest on two different worlds at a time, and once a world has been guested on players can visit it for the next 24 hours as many times as they want. Guesting onto full or highly-populated worlds will also increase the probability of a player being put in an overflow map.

To guest, players must visit the character select screen and choose the "World Selection" option at the bottom of the screen, then choose the world they wish to play in and select "Guest." Players can choose any of their characters to send to the world, and then click the "Play" button.

The addition of guesting also brings with it the removal of free world transfers. Kerstein advises players to select their intended home world before guesting goes live on Jan. 28, as current restrictions allow only one world transfer every 7 days and players will have to pay a gem fee to transfer. The fee will be dependent on the population of the world players are seeking transfer to.

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