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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Gravity Rush and Starhawk DLC available on Feb. 12

Gravity Rush heroine Kat and Emmett Graves of Starhawk will hit PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Feb. 12 in the game's first batch of downloadable content, developer SuperBot Entertainment community manager Daniel Maniago announced on the PlayStation Blog today.

Both characters will be available for free for the first two weeks after release, and come with alternate costumes as well as their own Trial Modes and cutscenes for Arcade Mode.

Also available on Feb. 12 is the new Fearless stage, a mash-up of hack-and-slash adventure Heavenly Sword and anti-gravity racer Wipeout. SuperBot notes that players who purchase Fearless will be able to use it for both offline play and in non-ranked lobby matches, while those who do not purchase the stage will have a chance to try it out in ranked online matches.

Maniago also hinted there are more DLC characters on the way, stating that further information would be coming in March.

Check out the trailers for high-flying Kat (above) and gun-toting Emmett (below) for a closer look at these two brawlers in action.