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Dungeon Siege developers post first update for Wildman Kickstarter campaign

The developers behind Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander released their first update video for Wildman today, an action role-playing strategy PC game that they hope to Kickstart through the crowd-funding platform.

In the three minute video, developer Chris Taylor answers questions from backers and shows the first gameplay footage. The footage shows the Wildman with a club-like bone running around and fighting in a war zone while Taylor provides commentary on how far the game is into development.

"The number of characters that are fighting here is nothing compared to what we're gonna have," Taylor says as the Wildman fends off tens of enemies. "This thing is going to go crazy. When we talk about bringing over-the-top RTS action into a game, we mean it. So this is going to get crazier and there's gonna be body parts, fires and all sorts of stuff going on."

The video also explains that Wildman will not have DRM and that the focus of the game will be single-player. Once the single-player mode has been perfected, the developers will then enter phase two, which is to implement co-op multiplayer.

The Wildman Kickstarter campaign has raised $162,784 of a $1,100,000 funding goal with 29 days to go.