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Zynga Elite Slots out today on Facebook

Zynga launched Elite Slots on Facebook today, the latest title to join its growing stable of casino games.

A follow-up to its already popular Zynga Slots, the social game developer told Polygon back in December that Zynga Elite Slots tries to bring something new to the slots genre through the game's role-playing element. Rather than provide a standard slots experience, Zynga Elite Slots features mini-games that ties back into the core slots game, and there is also an RPG element where players aren't just spinning the slot machine for the sake of getting matches — their performance directly impacts their pet avatar, which is racing across the screen to fight a boss.

"It's a mix of a really robust experience and a slots game like you've probably never seen before," Nick Giovanello of Zynga's Player Insights team told Polygon.

Zynga Elite Slots is now free to play on Facebook.

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