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Monster Hunter Tri Wii servers closing April 30, 2013

Monster Hunter Tri no more

Monster Hunter Tri's Wii servers will be coming to a close on April 30, Capcom announced today.

In a statement written on the Capcom Unity blog, it was confirmed that servers for the game will be shutting down permanently weeks after the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

The statement reads:

As we usher in the exciting new Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate games, we unfortunately will be transitioning off the Monster Hunter Tri servers for Wii. This won't happen until April 30, 2013 however, which will be 6 weeks after the launch of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. With the new title, there will be a new place for all of you to gather and hunt online with each other, and we hope you will continue to play together on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Capcom Unity will continue to stream Monster Hunter games every Monday and will include Monster Hunter Tri in its stream in the lead up to the transition period.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will launch on March 19.

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