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Far Cry 3 PC update improves multiplayer stability, fixes bugs and crashes across the board

The latest update released for Far Cry 3 on Windows PC improves stability in multiplayer maps and makes a number of bug and crash fixes across the board, according to a post on the game's official website.

Bugs in multiplayer mode preventing players from jumping onto certain surfaces, causing weapons to disappear after completing certain co-op objectives, causing players to get stuck in third-person view during custom games and de-syncing players killed in mid-air have been fixed. Multiplayer games can also no longer have numerically unbalanced teams, and a drop in the host player's connection speed will now automatically trigger a host migration to another player.

Tweaks made to single-player rectify problems in specific missions triggered by certain actions. For example, a bug that made players invisible after failing the "Black Gold" mission several times has been fixed, and mission companion Sam no longer disappears from the jeep turret or gets stuck when players destroy enemy cars.

Problems with the online leaderboards have also been fixed and they should now be updating correctly. The Map Editor has also been updated to allow longer map names and a bug preventing player-made maps from downloading properly has been fixed.

A full list of patch notes is available at the Far Cry official website.

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