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Metro: Last Light PC pulled from GameStop digital store in fear of THQ instability

Metro: Last Light is no longer available to pre-purchase on GameStop PC Downloads, the retailer's hub for downloadable PC games, due to fears of publisher THQ's instability, a GameStop exec told GameSpot today.

Shoppers searching for the game on GameStop PC Downloads can no longer pre-order THQ's upcoming, post-apocalyptic shooter, and anyone who already reserved the PC downloadable version of the title is eligible for a refund from GameStop customer service. The console versions of the title are still available to pre-order in-store and on the retailer's website; we've contacted GameStop representatives to find out if that's due to change.

"Essentially, due to THQ's current financial situation and uncertainty of delivery, in order to protect our consumers we removed the ability to pre-purchase that specific game," GameStop vice president of public and investor relations Matt Hodges told GameSpot.

The rest of THQ's catalog, which includes further-out titles like South Park: The Stick of Truth, also isn't available to pre-order through GameStop PC Downloads.

THQ has had a turbulent month after filing for bankruptcy in mid-December; its initial plan to sell its assets and franchises wholesale to its initial "stalking horse bidder" was shot down by the companies lenders and a District of Delaware U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge. Now, the company's properties will be auctioned off on a "title-by-title" basis on Jan. 22.