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SimCity beta coming on weekend of Jan. 25

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SimCity developer Maxis will run a beta for the upcoming city-building title from Jan. 25-28, the studio announced today on Twitter.

Beta testers will be able to play a one-hour section of the game. Interested parties can head to the game's website to register for beta access until 9 p.m. ET Jan. 21, although Maxis has been allowing people to sign up since the studio announced the beta's existence during Gamescom 2012.

While SimCity will be available on both Windows PC and Mac OS X, Maxis is only running a PC beta at this time. The beta period will begin at noon ET Jan. 25 and end at 3 a.m. ET Jan. 28.

SimCity launches March 5. For more, check out our recent interview with its creative director on how the game's concept of communities arose during development.