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Cooperatives: Dark Souls

You may have noticed the abundance of Dark Souls material on Polygon over the past week, and wondered why we've written and filmed so much stuff about a game that was released over a year ago.

The answer is quite simple: 1.) I'm cheap, and Dark Souls — which can be downloaded for less than the cost of a taxi ride — is now in my "affordable enough that I can't resist" window 2.) Dark Souls is evergreen. That is to say, you can talk about it months later, and fans still care immensely — probably because nothing quite like it has been released since. 3.) Because we felt like talking about Dark Souls, and nobody's the boss of us. Except Chris Grant. And his superiors.

So, enjoy this lethal edition of Cooperatives, check out Frushtick's Today I Played and stop by the forums' active Dark Souls discussion. If you haven't tried Dark Souls, now's a good time. And if you've beaten Dark Souls, well, you'll probably want to do it again.

For more Cooperatives, visit our episode page.

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