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Wizardry Online video tours the Underground Dragoon Ruins

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A new Wizardry Online video from publisher Sony Online Entertainment focuses on the Underground Dragoon Ruins, a dungeon that only high-level players will be able to survive.

The video, which contains segments of unadorned gameplay footage, shows off combat with foes small and large, as well as the deadly traps set by the lost Dragoons. Players who make it through the dungeon may find some answers as to the Dragoons' fate and the place they used to call home.

Earlier this week, Sony Online Entertainment and developer Gamepot delayed the launch of Wizardry Online, which the companies call a hardcore fantasy MMO, from Jan. 16 to Jan. 30. The Underground Dragoon Ruins were not available in the game's beta, but will be unlocked at launch. Check out the video below, and six screenshots above.