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Perpetuum Online focuses on PvE updates for Steam release

Perpetuum Online is readying itself for new updates that will rear their head over the course of the next two to three months, developer Avatar Creations detailed on the studio's official blog.

"For one, we're of course getting ready to release Perpetuum on Steam," reads the post. "This involves a lot of paperwork, preparing marketing materials, and not to forget about getting the game itself fit for releasing it to such a broad audience."

Avatar Creations aims to focus on the game's PVE, with plans to transform three major systems currently available in Perpetuum. This includes its kernel research system and knowledgebase, the assignment system and finally a new introductory system for players that emphasizes tutorials.

The upcoming updates will introduce a new point-based system to the game. Instead of receiving in-game technology from kernels that drop from enemy characters, users will consume these to gain research points that can then be spent in the knowledgebase on specific item technologies. In addition, users will be able to choose how they spend research points using a fixed technology tree rather than receive random results. Unspent research points can then be donated to the user's "corporation" or guild which features its own separate knowledgebase. Items that are researched in the corporation knowledgebase will be available for all members to access. If a user also has that item researched in their personal knowledgebase they gain a "factory production bonus."

The number of kernels in the game will be reduced to six main types, each of which will feature a different type of research point. Enemies in the game will drop numerous kernels depending on their rank. Once the game updates, users will be given the matching point value of their current knowledge based on the new technology tree.

Avatar Creations also plans to revamp its assignments system, changing the way assignments are provided and accepted, as well as changing the assignments themselves. Users will select a type of assignment and be assigned one at random based on that type and level. Objectives will also be randomly generated, including the number of enemies that must be destroyed, items that must be transported or minerals that must be mined.

Instancing will also be introduced to the sandbox MMO for tutorials, as well as future additions to the game such as small dungeons or controlled PvP arenas.

Earlier in October, Perpetuum Online was approved for distribution via Steam Greenlight.