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GameStick aims to be the world's most portable TV games console

Interactive games network PlayJam plans to fund an Android-based TV games console through Kickstarter, to be available for buyers in April 2013.

Working prototypes of the project, known as GameStick, are currently in closed beta; However, PlayJam is asking for $100,000 on crowdfunding website Kickstarter to bring the project into full production. Speaking to GamesIndustry International, PlayJam CEO Jasper Smith said the company requires the funding to complete the last 10 percent of GameStick.

GameStick follows the likes of Ouya as an Android-powered console, the latter having raised over $8.5 million using the crowdfunding website.

"Ouya ran a fantastic campaign but it would be premature to assume that they will own the market with their offering," said Smith. "PlayJam has years of experience in bringing games to TV and has a working, powerful back-end platform already in place to support a games proposition on TV.

"Competition is good and we're the proof. In the short time that Android games consoles have started to come through, we have been able to push the manufacturing boundaries further than before to create a powerful yet more affordable solution at a fraction of the size, capable of supporting hundreds if not thousands of games."

PlayJam plans to sell the GameStick for $79. There are currently a few developers with titles to be brought to the new console including Shadowgun from Madfinger, Hungry Shark from Future Games of London, Blue Toad Murder Files from Relentless Software and Smash Cops from Hutch Games.

The console runs on Android's Jelly Bean OS and Amlogic's 8726-MX processor. In addition, developers will have access to a free SDK that can support monetization and features such as tournaments, leaderboards and analytics.

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