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Half-Life 2 dinosaur mod turns Gordon Freeman's world into Jurassic Park

"Jurassic Life," a mod in development for Half-Life 2, flips Gordon Freeman's dystopic alternative version of earth into the dinosaur-ravaged island of Jurassic Park.

The video above shows the creation of modder "BUTANe" and his crew in action. Players forgo Gordon Freeman to step into the skin of Jurassic Park warden Robert Muldoon. On the mod's description page, "BUTANe" says that the mod's storyline is set in the same span of time as the first film, and will include versions of several key scenes and locations. The mod's progression will be "relatively linear" with "Resident Evil inspired management of the stress."

"BUTANe" is making "Jurassic Life" on Valve's Source Engine, and notes that the game is still very much a work in progress. The developers are currently looking to bring an additional programmer and modeler onto the project, and interested applicants can apply through ModDB's forums.

Progress on the mod can be tracked via the "Jurassic Life" ModDB page and official website.