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FIFA 13 named Accessible Game of the Year by AbleGamers Foundation

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

EA Sports' FIFA 13 has been recognized by the AbleGamers Foundation for its "outstanding accessibility options" and has been awarded the charity's Mainstream Accessible Game of the Year award, the foundation announced today.

"EA enabled gamers with severe motor and cognitive disabilities by including remappable keys, an unheard-of mouse only mode and game settings that allow the entire game to be tailored to the unique abilities of each disabled gamer," said AbleGamers founder Mark Barlet.

Barlet lauds EA for adhering to game accessibility guidelines outlined by the foundation, making FIFA 13 playable by even "the most severely disabled gamers."

"We are delighted and honored by how approachable EA has been," said Barlet in a statement.

"Such a large portion of our community is ecstatic over the ability to play a genre of game that's mostly inaccessible due to the number of controls needed and fast-paced action," added Steve Spohn of AbleGamers. "The mouse only mode is phenomenal for those with muscular dystrophy, and the ability to slow down the entire game is such a boon for the cognitively impaired."

AbleGamers also recognized the accessibility options included in 2K Games' XCOM Enemy Unknown and indie game Colour Bind with honorable mentions.

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