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Mew-Genics teaser introduces game’s music creators, Ridiculon

A new video teaser for Team Meat's upcoming game, Mew-Genics, offers viewers a look at the process behind the game's music, all of which is written and produced by Ridiculon.

Ridiculon is two-man band made up of Matthias Bossi and John Evans. Bossi and Evans talk briefly about how they got involved with Mew-Genics and give viewers a more in-depth look at their music-making process. The game will feature 10 songs with lyrics, including "Black Pussy," "Butch's Alley," "D Claude" and "Cat Chase."

Team Meat continues to release new information about Mew-Genics on a weekly basis. Last week, Ed McMillen revealed that the game will include cat races. Mew-Genics does not yet have a release date.