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EA announces SimCityEDU for the classroom

Electronic Arts will collaborate with GlassLab to develop SimCityEDU, an online community based off of the SimCity game for teachers to use as a teaching tool, Business Wire reports.

SimCityEDU will allow teachers to create and share lessons digitally, which will teach critical thinking about the problems modern cities face.

Lucy Bradshaw, the senior vice president and general manager of EA's Maxis Label, explained that SimCityEDU "will become the foundation of a program to re-imagine learning in a way that will inspire today's youth."

"For decades, SimCity has been embraced by the educational community as an engaging video game that also provides a powerful learning experience, teaching problem solving skills through imaginative civic gameplay," Bradshaw said.

A release date has not yet been announced. Maxis will release its upcoming SimCity video game on March 5, with a beta coming Jan. 25. Read our interview with the game's creators here.